May 08, 2018 AUTHOR: emy
Humus Park International land art meeting

Home of naturalistic contemporary art, Pordenone – May, 14 to 26, 2018 – returns to stimulate the creativity of the greatest Italian and foreign land art artists. Will be opned the doors to the sixth edition of Humus Park, curated by Gabriele Meneguzzi and Vincenzo Sponga and organized by the Municipality of Pordenone together with the municipalities of Caneva and Polcenigo. The direction indicated by the two artistic directors remains constant. “The basis (especially that of always using materials found on site, ed) does not change” said Gabriele Meneguzzi during the Milan press conference held at the Milan Academy of Brera “The theme remains the same: work on nature, with nature, for nature”. Branches, leaves, pebbles, earth, trees, bushes, brambles, clods, grass, water, wind: nature inspires and becomes art thanks to the technical ability of the artists who create works, which constitute real galleries en plein air, which can be visited throughout the summer, until Mother Nature re-establishes them.

A real challenge to those who believe that art is only the one enclosed in official museums: from 2008 (the year of the first edition) to today the event has attracted land artists from all over the world to this corner of Friuli Venezia Giulia. And Humus Park 2016 will be attended by creatives from Switzerland, France, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, California, Great Britain, Slovenia, Portugal, Hungary, Holland, South Africa, Kazakhstan … and among them also names of great international importance.
Humus Park is one of the most brilliant examples of Land Art existing in our country, capable of transforming forests and clearings, meadows and banks of rivers and streams in as many open-air museums where trunks of trees framed trunks of trees, stairs built with intertwining of grass and hay climb along the branches as in a dreamlike drawing by Escher, profiles and outlines of fantastic animals seem to come out of a graphic novel, curtains of reeds create obligatory optical paths and show unpublished glimpses of a wild and rough nature. All works, according to the criteria of hard and pure Land Art, intended to be modified or even destroyed by weathering, just as if Nature became her artist and intervened to leave traces of his interventions.

Among the main protagonists of this sixth edition of Humus Park stand out the American Nick Neddo, the New Zealander Donald Buglas and the Swiss Peter Hess. Among the Italian names is a novelty compared to previous years: for the first time will be present Italian non-Pordenone artists, including the Trentino Marco Nones. Also Emy Petrini will be present, together with Beatrice Speranza, in the first week of residence for the realization of a site specific installation.




14 / 19.05.2018 > CANEVA/POLCENIGO
21 / 26.05.2018 > PORDENONE

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