Frames in Bloom

Focusing primarily on the person, his creativity, his taste, his vision: this is the core of “Frames in Bloom.” From simple, immediate everyday material, an object that not only decorates, but becomes the protagonist of the personal space, just because of its ability to translate the individual imagination in a product intimately lived. The frames are made with recovered wood in various species including chestnut, mahogany, pine and poplar. Or in solid oak, cypress, acacia and iroko. They are designed to be positioned both inside and outside, suspended or wall. The “Frames in Bloom” are designed to be lived in a personal and individual way, in which everyone can be the protagonist and floral-designer. From the essence of wood, to the flowers, playing with the seasons, the colors and spontaneity: you can create something beautiful with very little effort, taking inspiration from Nature!
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Nature Lamps

The “Nature Lamps” are made with iron frame and cover in vegetal material: willow branches, olive branches and Cornus, depending on the taste, functionality and size of the lamp. The project involves the construction of different sizes: the diameter of the cap can vary from 130cm, 80 or 60cm. Even in this case, with a perspective of creative relationship between client and floral-designer, the lamps can be designed and made in collaboration with the customer both in the measurements that in the type of material, also playing with the different colors of the branches used for the coating. The ideal place for Nature lamps, considering the presence of the electrical system, is indoor or covered outdoor, such as a terrace, let suspended or placed on the ground.

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Catalogue: Il Tempo Sospeso

The time on the sundial, kindly stops 

a moment to let pass a cloud

(Enrique Baltanas)


Il tempo sospeso
Artworks by Emy Petrini and Beatrice Speranza.
Photos and graphic by Beatrice Speranza.


A tale with images and words by
Andrea Bocconi
Francesca Caminoli
Chicca Gagliardo
Margherita Loy
Pia Pera
Guido Veronesi


Technical Information
24 pages
dimensions 24×34 cm
printed in September 2015
fedrigoni freelife vellum 140gr paper
limited edition of 500 numbered copies


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