Sep 05, 2018 AUTHOR: emy
Emy Petrini @Murabilia 2018

Shelters from the world

6th – 9th September 2018
Vernissage 6th September 2018 7.00pm
Serre Nuove dell’Orto Botanico
via del Giardino Botanico, 14 // Lucca

For the second consecutive year, the artist Emy Petrini was invited to exhibit her works in the Botanical Garden of Lucca, on the occasion of the eighteenth edition of Murabilia.

With this exhibition, named Shelters from the world, Emy has decided to present her latest works, completely realized in willow, called Rifugi.

A shelter in willow to escape from everything, the dream of a hut, where staying hidden when you want to isolate yourself, thinking or meditating or just looking at the stars…

All of us, when we were children, we would have wanted a shelter of this kind. Emy realized it, creating structures entirely in willow, at the base of the Shelter, an opening from where you can enter to stay collected and protected when there is a storm outside.