Apr 20, 2016 AUTHOR: emy
FloraCult: the incredible branches of Emy Petrini

The incredible branches of Emy Petrini, Floral Designer, are the chosen installation by Ilaria Venturini Fendi at Casali del Pino to welcome visitors to Flora Cult, within the Vejo Park (open until the end of April 25). Frames with flowers that emerge in place of the canvas, the “Vulcano” with the branches of Cornus, a sun with the branches of prunus and other wonders. Each work of Emy Petrini back to nature, to key elements of our life: “Nature has suggested new ways to rethink the identity and existence. – explains the artist – I walked in the woods for hours, picking up branches, leaves, bark, vines and shrubs. I started working with vegetal elements, creating small assemblages and compositions. That’s how it all started “