Aug 22, 2017 AUTHOR: emy
Solo Show by Emy Petrini

1-30 september 2017

Murabilia 2017 – Baluardo San Regolo – Lucca

You can choose to communicate with words or to narrate your vision through art.

Emy Petrini has chosen the union of hundreds and hundreds of branches to tell her world, her fears and ambitions. Just as the skilled poet and writer knows how to choose between a sea of words with the help of pauses and punctuation to get you straight to the heart, Emy goes forward in the woods and in the fields to choose her material, the willow let it shaping, the clematis that it wraps and other shrubs still, each with its peculiarity. Emy interweaves her material, binds it, creates pauses and engravings, scenes and points of view, times and dialogues between the work and the observer.
With this exhibition named Narrazioni, Emy was invited to exhibit her works within the Botanical Garden of Lucca. The visitor has the opportunity to walk through the various corners of the park and find majestic nests, vortices that mirror the pond and trees that turn into mothers dancing. A narration in chapters where for every work you will also enjoy a true tale, the one written by the author Morena Rossi who was passionate about this project, translating in words the suggestions of each single work, thoughts that are pursued by sharing the same grammar of emotions.


Beatrice Speranza


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