Apr 27, 2017 AUTHOR: emy

This year at Lucca Art Fair borns Lucca In/Off and for the occasion a red thread combines artists and designers so different from each other (but perhaps not too much), a line inspired by the thick flower of the floral designer Emy Petrini, generous Host, in a splendid space like Workshop Space in Lucca, of an exceptional team. His merit is to bring together different eclectic personalities in an exhibition that is an artistic and human encounter point:

Pietro Algranti, born in Livorno and living in Milan, whose furniture, all unique pieces made of recycled material such as wood, iron, copper and aluminum, are the most beautiful one to find in the streets of Milan’s design; Giulia Gerace, a multi-faceted artist who moves from painting to video art, from color to black and white, from small to large, always with the same perfect control of balance and emotion; Marco Lulli, known as “Marcus” of the 70m2 team, a great-hearted architect, is carrying out his work with energy and contagious enthusiasm to make it start to thrill for every new adventure like the FMakers57100 project that will be premiered in This occasion; Stenia Scarselli, “the precious artist”, as her precious microscala sculptures, which fortunately can be worn, contemporary jewels with shapes and balances that surprise and capture; Beatrice Speranza, an artist who is hardly labeled, an architect who has spent years in photography and graphics with experimentation in design: always looking lightly, his embroidered photos, discovered by Clarice Pecori Giraldi at the time leading the famous’ Christie’s degrees, have been chosen in recent years to represent the brand names of international companies in an onerous way, for the occasion will present two new works, including “a duel” with writer Andrea Bocconi; “last but not least “ Emy Petrini, whose majestic works, made of elements of nature, such as willow, clematis and large branches, are exhibited in galleries, but they are also the scene of many great events such as the Fuori Salone, Flora Cult , Horticulture and there often find a new home, they put roots, because bringing nature into closed spaces always has a striking impact.

But what is the thread that unites all these “artistic spirits”? Surely it is 70m2, the architecture studio of Livorno, Marta, Lucia and Marco. It is their hospitable studio, the white space that has discovered and welcomed Emy, Giulia, Stenia, Beatrice and Algranti Lab, then with the unforgettable energy and joy of Constance. The meeting has led not only to beautiful collaborations but above all to a friendship made of great smiles, sincere appreciation and much desire to share beautiful experiences together.